Quality Consulting

We make sure that each client engagement has quality organization structure, planning, managing and implementation of the available resources in order to successfully complete a project, focusing to meet the organizations’ or agency goals and objectives.

Since 1988, The Sable Group’s expert consultants have led thousands of engagements and trained nearly 200,000 employees. Our consultants have on average 20-years of experience in their respective fields and boast master’s degrees and Ph.D.’s. We are located across the country and work expertly with each of our clients no matter where they are based.

The Sable Group has closely followed the changes in the fabric of the country and the ever-growing global business market. We understand how generational changes, world events, and legislative mandates can affect an organization and how those elements relate to building a successful, collaborative, high-producing environment.

Our team of more than 50 skilled consultants and educators has developed coursework, content and curriculum to help corporations, non-profits and government agencies operate in cohesive work environments. Whether it is training, consulting, staffing or custom projects, The Sable group has met and excelled in every assignment. The Sable Group is able to deliver its most requested courses to the government or develop any special courses for agencies on a demand or as required basis.